Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

Warning: The review contains spoilers for Zelda: Breath of the Wild. If that bothers you, play the game first then read my review of the game.


I usually don’t play a lot of video games for several reasons. 1) Major game titles cost $65 or more, 2) Most games play across all consoles, but there are some that are console specific like Call of Duty, Resident Evil, Super Mario. If you want to play all these games, you have to spend $250+ on each console. 3) You’re spending 12 hours on one game just to finish the main quest. There are people who have made a career on playing games like DarkSydePhil, PewDiePie, Markiplier, etc. Personally, without these people a person would waste money before seeing if the game is any good, which is why I watch them to get a taste of it before spending $65 on a game.

Growing up with the NES and N64, I never played any of the Zelda games. I have seen Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask but was never interested in the games. However, I watched DSP playthrough of BOTW and was fascinated with the game. It reminded me of Skyrim with the open-world gameplay, hunting, crafting, and fighting mechanics. I know the game was meant for the Nintendo Switch, but I’m not spending money on a new system when it’s offered on the Wii U, which I have.

I loved the puzzles, the over-all story, and exploring the land of Hyrule. After one hundred years, Link wakes up without his memory. He discovers ruins of what it used to be. Link must travel to fifteen different locations unlocking towers, solving puzzle shrines, and defeating Ganon to rescue Princess Zelda.

Even though this game was really great, there were some things I found annoying.  First, if you don’t want to walk everywhere, you have to sneak up to a horse, mount it, and take it with you to so it will obey your commands. The problem is that at first your new horse will resist you for a long time. I ended up just ditching him in a stable and used fast traveled once I conquered enough shrines.

Another thing I found frustrating was the Guardians (not the Beasts but the ones that target you with one eye). They target you with a laser beam, depleting your health if you are not careful. I managed to figure out you could ran from them just before they shoot. But in one mission when you are trying to recover Link’s memories, the spot is guarded by many Guardians and have to hide from their sight.

A third problem I had was with finding shrines. There is an indicator when you are approaching a shrine. The issue is the indicator doesn’t indicate accurately how close you are to the shrine. For example, when a child says that you are close to something, he/she will say “You’re getting warmer.” The closer you get to what you’re looking for the higher the temperature is. “Warmer. Warmer. Hot. Boiling Hot. You’re on fire.” If you’re going farther away, you become “colder.” At random times, the indicator will be going nuts but then quiet down. When you head back to where you were, your indicator will still stay silent.

My last major issue with the game is that for the first time ever, from what I have heard, main characters actually talk in the game. However, it’s only during major plot cut scenes. No one else talks and you are forced to read their dialogue. Now, I’m not opposed to reading, but when some of a game’s scenes have people speaking they should speak the entire game not just the cut scenes. Skyrim had repeating dialogue at some points that got tiring (“I took an arrow to the knee”). But there was enough quests to that was unique that drowned out the repeating dialogue. I would have liked to see more characters speaking within the game.

Overall, Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a great game despite the flaws I’ve mention. I had a great experience playing the game and was not disappointed in the final battle with Ganon. The music was calming at some points and suspenseful at other points, which is a plus as well. My score is 7.5/10 for great action, great story, and a variety of ways to defeat enemies.

Logan Non-Spoiler Review

Inx the year 2000, we were introduced to Hugh Jackman as the Marvel’s iconic X-Men Wolverine. Before the film came out, people were complaining that the role should not be given to an unknown actor. After the movie came out, not only did fans love the movie but also loved Hugh Jackman’s performance. He continued to play the character for 17 years, longer than the creation of the MCU or any actor who portrayed a superhero character before 2ooo.

While Jackman has done his best to keep himself in-shape to make every iteration more like the character from the comics, eventually the day would come that another actor would replace him. However, if he has to go let him go out with people praising his last movie. Some would call “Logan” the greatest comic book movie ever, but I don’t agree with statement. Perhaps it’s because we have the MCU, Warner Bros. struggling to setup their DCEU, and Fox making X-Men movies, which are mostly entertaining, don’t conlohannect as well among their competitors. I have my preconceived notions on what is classified as a “comic book movie” and “Logan” does not fit in those ideas but rather than in “drama.”

When I first heard that this was going to be Jackman’s last performance as Wolverine, rumors were going crazy at what storyline they were going with. One rumor that kept circulating was the “Old Man Logan” storyline, but Fox could not do a “faithful” adaptation since most of characters from that appeared are owned by different studios. But comic book fans will tell you that X-Men Days of Future’s Past was not like the comic book version. So, despite not being 100% faithful, “Logan” took some of the comic ideas and make their own version that gives added emotional weight to a character who has seen horrors over his lifetime.

logan3The real delight of this movie is the introduction of Laura Kinney, aka X-23. For X-Men fans, they know exactly who this character is, her tragic past, and what this means for the X-Men franchise. She was created in the animated TV show “X-Men:Evolution” in season 3 and became popular enough to be added into the comic book cannon. Now, in Jackman’s last movie as Wolverine, Laura appears to him and uncovers where she came from as they try to avoid being captured by her pursuers. This movie perfectly introduces us to the character, and I’m sure Fox executives are trying to find a way to put her into other movies. Personally, I would not mind if they put Dafne Keen as X-23 in other films regardless if the timeline doesn’t make any sense or contradicts this movie. Overall, if you have been waiting for a great Wolverine standalone movie, go see this movie and enjoy the Rated-R violence, you would not be disappointed.

Deadpool 2 Teaser


This past weekend we were treated to two teaser trailers for the next Deadpool movie. While the first was in front of “Logan,” the last time we’ll see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, an extended version was released online on Saturday where we got another legendary cameo from Stan Lee. While both are great, I preferred the one in front of “Logan” simply because it continued “Superman’s Theme” as Deadpool rushed to “save the day” instead of John Parr’s “St. Elmo’s Fire.” I know most people would prefer the Stan Lee cameo version, but both versions increase my excitement for the movie even though we have about a year before it comes out. I’m sure Fox with drop plenty of entertaining teasers, trailers, TV spots, and skits that will water our mouths until then.

Be sure to check out my non-spoiler review of “Logan” on Monday.


#Schmoedown : Rotten Tomatoes vs What the Flicks Bernardin vs Scarpin

On Tuesday, we saw the return of Team Rotten Tomatoes Grae Dscreenshot-28rake & Matt Atchity and the debut of new team What The Flick with Christy Lemire & Alonso Duralde. Before the match could begin, John Campea announced two new rules to Schmoedown. 1) Each team (or contestant if in singles match) may only be allowed to repeat a question three time at any time in the game and 2) Each team (or contestant if in singles match) is allow one challenge where a contestant can challenge a ruling on a point answer. If a challenge is activated, a third judge will confer with the other judges to make a final ruling. The first round seemed to be neck and neck with both teams scoring 7 points. But in Round 2, Team Rotten Tomatoes took the lead by scoring an additional 6 points in the Action/Adventure category while What The Flick failed to steal several points. During their chance at the dreaded wheel, What The Flick landed on “Opponent’s Choice,” and Team RT choose the feared “Release Dates” category. Although Scott Manz was not in the studio, his voice carried over the internet in agony as the new team only scored 2 points in one question. Team RT managed to steal 5 points from Team WTF, ending the second round 18 to 9. Although avoiding the knockout in Round 2,  WTF failed to answer their one point question in Round 3. It was a disappointing debut for Team WTF but had they landed anything else in Round 2, tbernardin-vs-scarpinohey might have done better.

Friday introduced us to two new rookies of the season: Marc Bernardin from “Fatman on Batman” and “Kinda Funny” Nick Scarpino. Scarpino came out with five lovely ladies wearing “Producer Seducer” shirts while Bernardin confidently walked out on his own, intimidating Scarpino from the start. Bernardin pulled in the lead from the start as Scarpino struggled to keep up in Round 1. The round ended with a score of 7 to 5, showing that Bernardin didn’t need help from love ladies to assist him.

Things did not improve for Scarpino in Round 2 in the category of “Spielberg Movies.” Despite answering all his questions right, he needed to have the Multiple Choice opinion for each of them. Bernardin spun the wheel twice and both times landing on the “BioPics” category. He flexed he trivia muscles answering all his questions correct and needed Multiple Choice for only two of them. The scored at the end of Round 2 was 13 to 9 with Bernardin ahead by four points.

Scarpino answered his 1 and 3 point question correctly in Round 3, tying the game and sending it back to Bernardin. Bernardin returned the pressure back to Scarpino as he cMacuga.jpgorrectly answered his 1 point question and took the lead once again. The pressure proved too great for Scarpino as he missed his 5 point question. Three of the lovely ladies left with Bernardin while the other two just left all together, leaving Scarpino by himself until Josh “The Wild Man” Macuga asked to join with him on his new team.

Friday’s match was a great match by two new upcoming contenders, and I’m looking forward to see Macuga with a new team member like himself. In Round 2, Scarpino was guessing at most of the four questions, or what is commonly called “Macugaing,” which is why The Wild Man himself secured the rookie as his team member. Team What The Flick had a disappointing debut, but I am looking forward to see future matches where they can prove their talent.

The Lego Batman Movie

In the lego-batmanmore recent years, movie studios are trying to bring multiple main characters together in a single “shared universe.” Having not read any comic books growing up, I’m not sure of every plotline or character developments within them. However with Marvel/Disney creating the MCU, superheroes have become cash cows generating billions of dollars. Other studios are currently following their trend, hoping to generate truck loads of money.

One company that has been struggling to have success is Marvel’s all time rival, DC at Warner Bros. Although news continues show their struggle, Lego Batman is a delightful experience. The director Chris McKay and six writers clearly know their “Batman knowledge” making references from the Adam West 1960’s TV series to “Suicide Squad”. It continues the high-paced action from “The Lego Movie” which may lead you lose a few jokes upon your first viewing. But even if you miss some jokes, more would follow shortly leaving you giggling if you know your Batman knowledge.

Regardless of what your opinion is on how they’re handling their properties, Warner Bros. has a good movie in “The Lego Batman Movie.” It’s fun for the child in all of us, and if “The Lego Ninjago Movie” proves to be as funny as Batman, Warner Bros. has created a spoof version of the “shared universe genre.” I give it a “7.5/10 stars” for lots of laughs, great action, and a heartfelt story that appeals to every Batman fan.