Nostalgia Critic’s It Review Premiere

Nostalgia Critic Premiere's his review of the remake of IT. What was the night like for those who didn't get to go? Find out my experience at my first premiere.


#Schmoedown : Rotten Tomatoes vs What the Flicks Bernardin vs Scarpin

On Tuesday, we saw the return of Team Rotten Tomatoes Grae Drake & Matt Atchity and the debut of new team What The Flick with Christy Lemire & Alonso Duralde. Before the match could begin, John Campea announced two new rules to Schmoedown. 1) Each team (or contestant if in singles match) may only be … Continue reading #Schmoedown : Rotten Tomatoes vs What the Flicks Bernardin vs Scarpin

The Lego Batman Movie

In the more recent years, movie studios are trying to bring multiple main characters together in a single "shared universe." Having not read any comic books growing up, I'm not sure of every plotline or character developments within them. However with Marvel/Disney creating the MCU, superheroes have become cash cows generating billions of dollars. Other … Continue reading The Lego Batman Movie