The Hegewisch Times Review

  Hegewisch is a small community in which I have lived in for most of my life. I never would have thought to use the community newspaper to help spread the word about my book, but luckily, in my research, that was one of the tips to market self-published works. The Hegewisch Times will review … Continue reading The Hegewisch Times Review


Thor: Ragnarok Review

Let me begin on what I thought of the first Thor movies. In 2011, we were introduce to the Thunder god where he was banished for his arrogance in attacking the Frost Giants. For me, the movie was a bit underwhelming butĀ found it enjoyable nonetheless mostly because due to Tom Hiddleston's performance as Loki. Two … Continue reading Thor: Ragnarok Review

Iron Fist Season One Nonspoiler Review

On Friday, Netflix released season one of Iron Fist, the latest MCU show. Like many others, I heard the show was very low rated despite not reading any comments given because I wanted to watch the show with no outside opinions. So, I fired up my PlayStation and decided to watch several episodes to get … Continue reading Iron Fist Season One Nonspoiler Review

Flash Theory: Who is Savitar?

Warning: This post contains spoilers to "The Flash." Catch up on the show if you don't want to be spoiled. The last few weeks on "The Flash" has increased our wonder on who is underneath the armored villain Savitar. Some have speculated that it maybe Wally, HR, Future Barry, or even alive version of Eddie … Continue reading Flash Theory: Who is Savitar?

#Schmoedown Tuff Beats vs The Nerd’s Watch & Bibbiani vs Dewberry

Warning: This post gives commentary on the latest set of Schmoedown matches. If you have not seen the matches yet and do not like spoilers, watch the matches first than come back and read the highlights. This week saw the return of three people who came off their last matches in defeat. Tuff Beats faced … Continue reading #Schmoedown Tuff Beats vs The Nerd’s Watch & Bibbiani vs Dewberry