Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

Warning: The review contains spoilers for Zelda: Breath of the Wild. If that bothers you, play the game first then read my review of the game.


I usually don’t play a lot of video games for several reasons. 1) Major game titles cost $65 or more, 2) Most games play across all consoles, but there are some that are console specific like Call of Duty, Resident Evil, Super Mario. If you want to play all these games, you have to spend $250+ on each console. 3) You’re spending 12 hours on one game just to finish the main quest. There are people who have made a career on playing games like DarkSydePhil, PewDiePie, Markiplier, etc. Personally, without these people a person would waste money before seeing if the game is any good, which is why I watch them to get a taste of it before spending $65 on a game.

Growing up with the NES and N64, I never played any of the Zelda games. I have seen Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask but was never interested in the games. However, I watched DSP playthrough of BOTW and was fascinated with the game. It reminded me of Skyrim with the open-world gameplay, hunting, crafting, and fighting mechanics. I know the game was meant for the Nintendo Switch, but I’m not spending money on a new system when it’s offered on the Wii U, which I have.

I loved the puzzles, the over-all story, and exploring the land of Hyrule. After one hundred years, Link wakes up without his memory. He discovers ruins of what it used to be. Link must travel to fifteen different locations unlocking towers, solving puzzle shrines, and defeating Ganon to rescue Princess Zelda.

Even though this game was really great, there were some things I found annoying.  First, if you don’t want to walk everywhere, you have to sneak up to a horse, mount it, and take it with you to so it will obey your commands. The problem is that at first your new horse will resist you for a long time. I ended up just ditching him in a stable and used fast traveled once I conquered enough shrines.

Another thing I found frustrating was the Guardians (not the Beasts but the ones that target you with one eye). They target you with a laser beam, depleting your health if you are not careful. I managed to figure out you could ran from them just before they shoot. But in one mission when you are trying to recover Link’s memories, the spot is guarded by many Guardians and have to hide from their sight.

A third problem I had was with finding shrines. There is an indicator when you are approaching a shrine. The issue is the indicator doesn’t indicate accurately how close you are to the shrine. For example, when a child says that you are close to something, he/she will say “You’re getting warmer.” The closer you get to what you’re looking for the higher the temperature is. “Warmer. Warmer. Hot. Boiling Hot. You’re on fire.” If you’re going farther away, you become “colder.” At random times, the indicator will be going nuts but then quiet down. When you head back to where you were, your indicator will still stay silent.

My last major issue with the game is that for the first time ever, from what I have heard, main characters actually talk in the game. However, it’s only during major plot cut scenes. No one else talks and you are forced to read their dialogue. Now, I’m not opposed to reading, but when some of a game’s scenes have people speaking they should speak the entire game not just the cut scenes. Skyrim had repeating dialogue at some points that got tiring (“I took an arrow to the knee”). But there was enough quests to that was unique that drowned out the repeating dialogue. I would have liked to see more characters speaking within the game.

Overall, Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a great game despite the flaws I’ve mention. I had a great experience playing the game and was not disappointed in the final battle with Ganon. The music was calming at some points and suspenseful at other points, which is a plus as well. My score is 7.5/10 for great action, great story, and a variety of ways to defeat enemies.

#Schmoedown Night Sisters vs Team Action; Andreyk vs Washington; Macuga vs Sneider

Warning: This post gives commentary on the latest set of Schmoedown matches. If you have not seen the matches yet and do not like spoilers, watch the matches first than come back and read the highlights.


Night sistersTuesday introduced two new teams to the Schmoedown: The Night Sisters containing Emma Fyffe and Joelle Monique and Team Action Ben Bateman and Andrew Ghai. In the ever changing rules, Kristen Harloff announced a new rule. If a player can successfully answer all eight questions in Round One, that player will be given a bonus question worth two points. Both teams pulled in 8 points in Round One with Andrew Ghai gaining the most points. The Night Sisters had a tough time answering their six questions in Round Two with “Tom Hanks Movies” as a category, managing to score only 2 points but stealing a single point from their opponents. Team Action was able to steal 4 points from them while they score an impressive 6 points during their turn. However, the Night Sisters were knockout in Round Three with a score of 18-11 and them failing to answer their 2-point and 3-point questions.

Screenshot (50)Friday was the big match between Josh Macuga and Jeff Sneider with a startup match with the return of Marc Andreyko with new comer Jay Washington. Andreyko’s last match with Macuga, claiming to be Finstock, was a close match, but the loss did not affect his record. So, officially, this is his second match in the Schmoedown. In Round One, Andreyko took a four point lead with a score of 6-2. Spinning first, Andreyko landed on “Star Wars.” Despite spinning again, the dreaded wheel landed on “Star Wars” again, which proved to be his weakness because he did not score any points in Round Two and Washington managed to steal one point from Andreyko. The wheel seemed to favor Washington as it landed on “Spinner’s Choice” on his first try, which he choose “Comic Book Movies.” He managed to score five points while Andreyko stole one point from him, turning the game around for Washington with a score of 8-7.

Round Three began like a tennis match as two competitors scored the 2-point questions. Andreyko managed to answer his 3-point question, taking the lead at 12-10. Washington struggled with his 3-point and 5-point questions, resulting in Marc Andreyko winning the opening match. Personally had Andreyko gotten another category, he would have knockout him out early, but Washington was fortunate he got the right category at the right time in Round Two.


Macuga’s revenge tour continues as he challenges every single member in the Lion’s Den with Jeff Sneider. In this match both competitors have a reason to win other than personal pride. If Macuga wins, he could invite any one to create a new team. If Sneider wins, Finstock/Tom Dagnino’s year long ban would be, as Arnold would put it, . . .  terminated. So, let’s see what happened, shall we? In Round One, both Macuga and Sneider tied with a score of five points. Very boldly, Macuga allowed Sneider to spin first, resulting in him landing on “Denzel Washington Movies” In less than a minute he answer all four questions correct without multiple choice, giving him an eight point lead over The Wild Man. Josh Macuga managed to land on “80’s Movies” were he scored an impressive six points but allowed Snieder to steal an additional point, bringing the score to 14-11 with Snieder leading.

In Round Three, Macuga answered his first question correctly, gaining two extra points, but his second question was in “Disney Moives” to his dismay. He missed the question and came back with his 5-pointer question, putting him in the lead for the first time in the match. Unfortunately, Sneider managed to take it back by answering his first two questions correctly. Sneider won the match with a score of 19-18. Dagnino came on set to hug Sneider on his win, but Macuga’s spirits are still high, saying his five round match with Finstock is coming. What a match by two incredible minds. I was rooting for Macuga the entire way, but as we have seen you never know what questions you are going to stubble you.






Iron Fist Season One Nonspoiler Review

untitledOn Friday, Netflix released season one of Iron Fist, the latest MCU show. Like many others, I heard the show was very low rated despite not reading any comments given because I wanted to watch the show with no outside opinions. So, I fired up my PlayStation and decided to watch several episodes to get an overall tone of it. I ended up watching the entire season from start to finish without any breaks. Compared to the other shows, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, Iron Fist is by far my favorite of the shows.

Danny Rand comes back to New York City after being declared dead after 15 years. He tries to reconnect to his old life but his old friends, Ward and Joy Meacham, but they don’t believe he is who he claims to be. Danny begins his journey to reclaim his life and fulfill his duty as the Iron Fist.

I know all art is subjective, but I don’t see why this show is very low rated unless there is a more logical reason behind this. For example, nobody was able to watch it before March 17th or its some kind of marketing stunt were people will talk about it being doomed from the start. I’m not saying that is the reason just some examples that I thought of to explain why people would consider this great show bad.

In any case, if you love the MCU and the Netflix shows, Iron Fist continues the “Marvel Streak” with a great story, great characters, and a lot of connective tissue from the other three shows. Give it a watch this weekend and you’ll won’t be disappointed.

Power Rangers

MMPR_Rangers.jpgThe 90’s gave us a lot of cool stuff that was simple by today’s standards. Nintendo gave us the first 3D gaming system, CDs were the most amazing thing ever invented, Pogs, inline skates, Skit-it, Starter Jackets, Tamagotchis, and lots of other stuff. But one thing that took off like a rocket was “Mighty Morphing Power Rangers.” What most people who watched the show is that it was based on preexisting show.

I know people could tell when the rangers morphed and fought the monster-of-the-day, the look was different compared to the teenagers in high-school in their “civilian form.” Saban used footage from a Japanese children show called “Super Senti” and spliced it with new footage so the show would be “Americanized.” Some might ask why didn’t they just dubbed the footage and keep the show intact like martial arts movies? It’s because different cultures have different tastes, values, and preferences, and children might not be turned on to it without fitting the American culture in the show.

But as I got older I became curious to find any information on the Japanese show. The first thing I should point out is that “Zyurangers,” the specific show that MMPR was based off of, was the sixteenth season of “Super Senti.” It makes sense that something that is popular would be carried over in the American market but being around for more than a decade and a half is an astonishing feat. Not to mention, the show was more Sci-Fi/Fantasy where 170 million years ago five human tribes worshiped Guardian Notrita.jpgBeasts, which were the Zords. The witch Bandora, Reta Repulsa in MMPR, killed all the dinosaurs after her son Kai died. Bandora was locked away on another planet, which returned in 1992. Astronauts freed Bandora while exploring the planet which was the opening shot of MMPR. After she was free, the five warriors of justice were awaken from their suspended animation to battle her once again.

Goushi, portrayed by Seiju Umon, was a knight of the Sharma Tribe, which worshiped the Mammoth. His older sister Otome was killed by Bandora, and he vowed to avenge her death. Goushi’s American counterpart was Zack Taylor, portrayed by Walter Jones.

Mei was a princess of the Lithia Tribe, portrayed by Reiko Chiba, who worshiped the Pteranodon not the Pteradactyl. Despite the MMPR, she was the only female member of the Zyurangers. Her American counterpart was Kimberly Hart, portrayed by Amy Jo Johnson. Funny side-note is that the PteraRanger’s attribute is Love, which is probably why Kimberly’s last name is Hart.

Dan, played by Hideki Fujiwara, was a knight from the Etoffe Tribe. Unlike his American counterpart Billy Cranston, he seemed to be a bit laid back compared to everyone else on his team. Billy, played by David Yost, was the intellectual of the group, often solving and creating inventions for problems the team had. However, Dan is a great fighter despite his personality.

One of the biggest changes to the Japanese show was changing the sex to the Yellow Ranger/TigerRanger. Here is a great example of clashes between cultures. While yellow might seem as a color to other countries, in America, yellow is considered to be a girl color. This explains why Kimberly’s costume had a skirt while Trini Kwan, played by Thuy Trang, didn’t and why she is mostly a tomboy in MMPR and saddens me that the actress died in 2001 in a car accident. Although Bio is the youngest member on the team, he is headstrong and courageous.

The leader of the Zyurangers is Geki, played by Yuta Mochizuki. He was adopted by the Yamato Tribe King only to find out that his birth father wanted to overthrow the King. Geki found out the truth of his origins after finding out his older brother Burai wanted to avenge his fallen father by killing Geki and the other Zyurangers. Geki’s American counterpart was Jason Lee Scott played by Austin St. John.

I saved the best for last. When Power Rangers first aired, it exploded in our pop culture, but what cemented it was the evil Green Ranger Tommy Oliver portrayed by Jason David Frank and has been a favorite character in Power Rangers. In Zyurangers, Burai was Geki’s older brother and wanted Geki and the team dead. The entire ark of the two brothers battling it out was definitely a highlight of Zyurangers. Burai wasn’t controlled by the rangers’ main villain but instead controlled by anger, revenge, and sorrow. I would spoil the character’s journey from the show because I recommend that you watch it yourself on ShoutFactoryTV.com. If you’re a Power Rangers fan, you will not be disappointed in watching it. It makes me wish MMPR would have done more overlap than what they did in the show.

We areCover-powerrangersmovie just one week away from the new reincarnation of Power Rangers in the US, and I can’t wait to see it. When Lionsgate announced that they were making another movie to the franchise, some people said this was stupid. And I can see where they were coming from: the first movie did okay while the second tanked during their releases. But in this new age of Superheroes, I thought it is worth a chance. However, they could make it like the 90s TV show or the Japanese show. It had to evolve with our modern time, and judging from the trailers, the pictures, and Elizabeth Banks portrayal of Reta, I think they got a winning combination. I can not wait until I see if it lives up to my hopes of having a successful rebooted franchise that was apart of my childhood. Be sure to stick around for a post credit scene mid-way through the credits.


Flash Theory: Who is Savitar?

Warning: This post contains spoilers to “The Flash.” Catch up on the show if you don’t want to be spoiled.


The last few weeks on “The Flash” has increased our wonder on who is underneath the armored villain Savitar. Some have speculated that it maybe Wally, HR, Future Barry, or even alive version of Eddie Thawne. Most have significant evidence to back up each theory as well evidence to go against them.

That’s start out with the obvious theory. In the “New 52” DC comics, Future Barry Allan tries to murder his past self to avoid the killing of his loved ones. Savitar in the show looks like Future Flash. We have a message from Barry from 4o years into the future, telling The Legends of changes he made to the timeline. Savitar even said that he is the future Flash and talked to Team Flash as if there is a personal connection to them all. However, these reasons do not explain how Barry trapped Savitar in the Speed Force unless he’s pulling a Two-Face and sees the two of them as two separate identities. And let us not forget that Barry would not kill Iris in any timeline.

After the events of “The Wrath of Savitar,” Wally got sucked into the Speed Force, Barry was there was Wally took the Philosopher’s Stone, and is faster than Barry. It would be easy to say that Wally is Savitar, but in “Into the Speed Force,” Barry managed to get Wally out of the Speed Force. Not to mention, I don’t think nobody is fooled in thinking that Wally would not kill his sister.

I know that as soon as I said HR might be Savitar, you probably said, “That’s repeating Season One.” Personally, I agree with you and don’t put much stock into HR being our villain this season. I’ve heard he can be annoying as a character, but I think contribute his quirkiness to being on addicted to coffee. Not to mention CW can’t possibly think using the same trick for a third time in a row.

Ithink people want to see Eddie Thawne return to the show in some way, and what better way to return as a villain. We saw Eddie being pulled into the Speed Force in Season One. After almost two years seeing everything that Barry has done and what he will do, getting the recognition of saving Central City, and having a future with Iris. It might be enough to make Eddie go crazy with anger for Barry. Out of all the theories, Eddie would seem the most likely because the only reason why he wouldn’t be Savitar is Rick Cosnett, the actor who portrays Eddie, is busy with other projects and can only appear a few times.

These are the most popular theories fans have created, but after seeing “Into the Speed Force,” there is one last possibility. Jay Garrick could be Savitar. He was there at the start of the season, stopping Barry from changing time once again. Jay was the one to inform Barry about Savitar and was first to suggest throwing the stone into the Speed Force. And where is Jay now? He took Wally’s place in the Speed Force so both Barry and Wally could leave it. If Jay is the man underneath the armor, it would make sense why Barry and Wally left him in the Speed Force, and the more I think about it more connections can be made to believe that Jay is Savitar.

However, fans were displeased with Hunter Zolomon claiming to be Jay Garrick at first, and I don’t think fans of the show would continue to watch “The Flash” if the writers threw The Golden Age Flash under the bus for real. I’m sure what ever the answer is I think the writers will give us a good end to the season.

#Schmoedown Tuff Beats vs The Nerd’s Watch & Bibbiani vs Dewberry

Warning: This post gives commentary on the latest set of Schmoedown matches. If you have not seen the matches yet and do not like spoilers, watch the matches first than come back and read the highlights.


ThiTuff Beats Vs The Nerd's Watchs week saw the return of three people who came off their last matches in defeat. Tuff Beats faced off with new team The Nerd’s Watch who consisted of Ken Napsok and new comer Rachael Cushing. In Round One, The Nerd’s Watch pulled a three point lead over Tuff Beats at 10-7. They decided to spin first in Round Two but passed on their first choice in “Action/Adventure,” and they managed to score an astonishing ten points with Tuff Beats stealing one point from them. New comer Rachael Cushing scored most of the points. Team Tuff Beats landed on “Spinner’s Choice,” which Nermoroff choose “Horror/Thriller.” They scored an additional 8 points, making the score 20-16 with The Nerd’s Watch leading by four.

Round Three didn’t last long as Nemoroff scored the two-point question. Johnathan Voytko did his best, but he could not answer their three-point question and the five-point question. The match resulted in Tuff Beats being TKO by The Nerd’s Watch, showing newcomer Cushing to be a formidable opponent.

WilliaScreenshot (45)m Bibbiani returned after his defeat against JTE. Everyone proclaimed that his was the one to defeat Dan Murrell despite Rocha doing it first. On Friday he faced off against Elliot Dewberry. Booker T made another “Keys to Victory” video, having equal advice for both competitors unlike last week. Dewberry came out to the song from “Beauty and the Beast-Kill the Beast,” which is fitting because the live-action adaptation came out on the same day. In Round One, both competitors were neck-and-neck with Bibbiani leading with a score of 6-5.

Bibbiani blasted through his second round with ease in the category of “Classics.” He scored an impressive seven points. Dewberry did not have the same luck because he landed on “Mixed Bag.” I will say this, he does have balls to go with it despite Macuga shouting against it. Dewberry scored four points with Bibbiani stealing a single point. The score at the end of Round Two was 14-9 with The Beast still in the lead. Dewberry avoided the knockout and entered Round Three, but he could not answer any of his question, resulting in , like “Beauty and the Beast,” Bibbiani winning his match. Bibbiani was able to prove that he wasn’t a one-hit wonder like everyone had claimed in recent weeks and is able to fight against other competitors who have been with the Schmoedown for years.




Logan Non-Spoiler Review

Inx the year 2000, we were introduced to Hugh Jackman as the Marvel’s iconic X-Men Wolverine. Before the film came out, people were complaining that the role should not be given to an unknown actor. After the movie came out, not only did fans love the movie but also loved Hugh Jackman’s performance. He continued to play the character for 17 years, longer than the creation of the MCU or any actor who portrayed a superhero character before 2ooo.

While Jackman has done his best to keep himself in-shape to make every iteration more like the character from the comics, eventually the day would come that another actor would replace him. However, if he has to go let him go out with people praising his last movie. Some would call “Logan” the greatest comic book movie ever, but I don’t agree with statement. Perhaps it’s because we have the MCU, Warner Bros. struggling to setup their DCEU, and Fox making X-Men movies, which are mostly entertaining, don’t conlohannect as well among their competitors. I have my preconceived notions on what is classified as a “comic book movie” and “Logan” does not fit in those ideas but rather than in “drama.”

When I first heard that this was going to be Jackman’s last performance as Wolverine, rumors were going crazy at what storyline they were going with. One rumor that kept circulating was the “Old Man Logan” storyline, but Fox could not do a “faithful” adaptation since most of characters from that appeared are owned by different studios. But comic book fans will tell you that X-Men Days of Future’s Past was not like the comic book version. So, despite not being 100% faithful, “Logan” took some of the comic ideas and make their own version that gives added emotional weight to a character who has seen horrors over his lifetime.

logan3The real delight of this movie is the introduction of Laura Kinney, aka X-23. For X-Men fans, they know exactly who this character is, her tragic past, and what this means for the X-Men franchise. She was created in the animated TV show “X-Men:Evolution” in season 3 and became popular enough to be added into the comic book cannon. Now, in Jackman’s last movie as Wolverine, Laura appears to him and uncovers where she came from as they try to avoid being captured by her pursuers. This movie perfectly introduces us to the character, and I’m sure Fox executives are trying to find a way to put her into other movies. Personally, I would not mind if they put Dafne Keen as X-23 in other films regardless if the timeline doesn’t make any sense or contradicts this movie. Overall, if you have been waiting for a great Wolverine standalone movie, go see this movie and enjoy the Rated-R violence, you would not be disappointed.