#Schmoedown Night Sisters vs Team Action; Andreyk vs Washington; Macuga vs Sneider

Warning: This post gives commentary on the latest set of Schmoedown matches. If you have not seen the matches yet and do not like spoilers, watch the matches first than come back and read the highlights.


Night sistersTuesday introduced two new teams to the Schmoedown: The Night Sisters containing Emma Fyffe and Joelle Monique and Team Action Ben Bateman and Andrew Ghai. In the ever changing rules, Kristen Harloff announced a new rule. If a player can successfully answer all eight questions in Round One, that player will be given a bonus question worth two points. Both teams pulled in 8 points in Round One with Andrew Ghai gaining the most points. The Night Sisters had a tough time answering their six questions in Round Two with “Tom Hanks Movies” as a category, managing to score only 2 points but stealing a single point from their opponents. Team Action was able to steal 4 points from them while they score an impressive 6 points during their turn. However, the Night Sisters were knockout in Round Three with a score of 18-11 and them failing to answer their 2-point and 3-point questions.

Screenshot (50)Friday was the big match between Josh Macuga and Jeff Sneider with a startup match with the return of Marc Andreyko with new comer Jay Washington. Andreyko’s last match with Macuga, claiming to be Finstock, was a close match, but the loss did not affect his record. So, officially, this is his second match in the Schmoedown. In Round One, Andreyko took a four point lead with a score of 6-2. Spinning first, Andreyko landed on “Star Wars.” Despite spinning again, the dreaded wheel landed on “Star Wars” again, which proved to be his weakness because he did not score any points in Round Two and Washington managed to steal one point from Andreyko. The wheel seemed to favor Washington as it landed on “Spinner’s Choice” on his first try, which he choose “Comic Book Movies.” He managed to score five points while Andreyko stole one point from him, turning the game around for Washington with a score of 8-7.

Round Three began like a tennis match as two competitors scored the 2-point questions. Andreyko managed to answer his 3-point question, taking the lead at 12-10. Washington struggled with his 3-point and 5-point questions, resulting in Marc Andreyko winning the opening match. Personally had Andreyko gotten another category, he would have knockout him out early, but Washington was fortunate he got the right category at the right time in Round Two.


Macuga’s revenge tour continues as he challenges every single member in the Lion’s Den with Jeff Sneider. In this match both competitors have a reason to win other than personal pride. If Macuga wins, he could invite any one to create a new team. If Sneider wins, Finstock/Tom Dagnino’s year long ban would be, as Arnold would put it, . . .  terminated. So, let’s see what happened, shall we? In Round One, both Macuga and Sneider tied with a score of five points. Very boldly, Macuga allowed Sneider to spin first, resulting in him landing on “Denzel Washington Movies” In less than a minute he answer all four questions correct without multiple choice, giving him an eight point lead over The Wild Man. Josh Macuga managed to land on “80’s Movies” were he scored an impressive six points but allowed Snieder to steal an additional point, bringing the score to 14-11 with Snieder leading.

In Round Three, Macuga answered his first question correctly, gaining two extra points, but his second question was in “Disney Moives” to his dismay. He missed the question and came back with his 5-pointer question, putting him in the lead for the first time in the match. Unfortunately, Sneider managed to take it back by answering his first two questions correctly. Sneider won the match with a score of 19-18. Dagnino came on set to hug Sneider on his win, but Macuga’s spirits are still high, saying his five round match with Finstock is coming. What a match by two incredible minds. I was rooting for Macuga the entire way, but as we have seen you never know what questions you are going to stubble you.







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