Flash Theory: Who is Savitar?

Warning: This post contains spoilers to “The Flash.” Catch up on the show if you don’t want to be spoiled.


The last few weeks on “The Flash” has increased our wonder on who is underneath the armored villain Savitar. Some have speculated that it maybe Wally, HR, Future Barry, or even alive version of Eddie Thawne. Most have significant evidence to back up each theory as well evidence to go against them.

That’s start out with the obvious theory. In the “New 52” DC comics, Future Barry Allan tries to murder his past self to avoid the killing of his loved ones. Savitar in the show looks like Future Flash. We have a message from Barry from 4o years into the future, telling The Legends of changes he made to the timeline. Savitar even said that he is the future Flash and talked to Team Flash as if there is a personal connection to them all. However, these reasons do not explain how Barry trapped Savitar in the Speed Force unless he’s pulling a Two-Face and sees the two of them as two separate identities. And let us not forget that Barry would not kill Iris in any timeline.

After the events of “The Wrath of Savitar,” Wally got sucked into the Speed Force, Barry was there was Wally took the Philosopher’s Stone, and is faster than Barry. It would be easy to say that Wally is Savitar, but in “Into the Speed Force,” Barry managed to get Wally out of the Speed Force. Not to mention, I don’t think nobody is fooled in thinking that Wally would not kill his sister.

I know that as soon as I said HR might be Savitar, you probably said, “That’s repeating Season One.” Personally, I agree with you and don’t put much stock into HR being our villain this season. I’ve heard he can be annoying as a character, but I think contribute his quirkiness to being on addicted to coffee. Not to mention CW can’t possibly think using the same trick for a third time in a row.

Ithink people want to see Eddie Thawne return to the show in some way, and what better way to return as a villain. We saw Eddie being pulled into the Speed Force in Season One. After almost two years seeing everything that Barry has done and what he will do, getting the recognition of saving Central City, and having a future with Iris. It might be enough to make Eddie go crazy with anger for Barry. Out of all the theories, Eddie would seem the most likely because the only reason why he wouldn’t be Savitar is Rick Cosnett, the actor who portrays Eddie, is busy with other projects and can only appear a few times.

These are the most popular theories fans have created, but after seeing “Into the Speed Force,” there is one last possibility. Jay Garrick could be Savitar. He was there at the start of the season, stopping Barry from changing time once again. Jay was the one to inform Barry about Savitar and was first to suggest throwing the stone into the Speed Force. And where is Jay now? He took Wally’s place in the Speed Force so both Barry and Wally could leave it. If Jay is the man underneath the armor, it would make sense why Barry and Wally left him in the Speed Force, and the more I think about it more connections can be made to believe that Jay is Savitar.

However, fans were displeased with Hunter Zolomon claiming to be Jay Garrick at first, and I don’t think fans of the show would continue to watch “The Flash” if the writers threw The Golden Age Flash under the bus for real. I’m sure what ever the answer is I think the writers will give us a good end to the season.


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