#Schmoedown Tuff Beats vs The Nerd’s Watch & Bibbiani vs Dewberry

Warning: This post gives commentary on the latest set of Schmoedown matches. If you have not seen the matches yet and do not like spoilers, watch the matches first than come back and read the highlights.


ThiTuff Beats Vs The Nerd's Watchs week saw the return of three people who came off their last matches in defeat. Tuff Beats faced off with new team The Nerd’s Watch who consisted of Ken Napsok and new comer Rachael Cushing. In Round One, The Nerd’s Watch pulled a three point lead over Tuff Beats at 10-7. They decided to spin first in Round Two but passed on their first choice in “Action/Adventure,” and they managed to score an astonishing ten points with Tuff Beats stealing one point from them. New comer Rachael Cushing scored most of the points. Team Tuff Beats landed on “Spinner’s Choice,” which Nermoroff choose “Horror/Thriller.” They scored an additional 8 points, making the score 20-16 with The Nerd’s Watch leading by four.

Round Three didn’t last long as Nemoroff scored the two-point question. Johnathan Voytko did his best, but he could not answer their three-point question and the five-point question. The match resulted in Tuff Beats being TKO by The Nerd’s Watch, showing newcomer Cushing to be a formidable opponent.

WilliaScreenshot (45)m Bibbiani returned after his defeat against JTE. Everyone proclaimed that his was the one to defeat Dan Murrell despite Rocha doing it first. On Friday he faced off against Elliot Dewberry. Booker T made another “Keys to Victory” video, having equal advice for both competitors unlike last week. Dewberry came out to the song from “Beauty and the Beast-Kill the Beast,” which is fitting because the live-action adaptation came out on the same day. In Round One, both competitors were neck-and-neck with Bibbiani leading with a score of 6-5.

Bibbiani blasted through his second round with ease in the category of “Classics.” He scored an impressive seven points. Dewberry did not have the same luck because he landed on “Mixed Bag.” I will say this, he does have balls to go with it despite Macuga shouting against it. Dewberry scored four points with Bibbiani stealing a single point. The score at the end of Round Two was 14-9 with The Beast still in the lead. Dewberry avoided the knockout and entered Round Three, but he could not answer any of his question, resulting in , like “Beauty and the Beast,” Bibbiani winning his match. Bibbiani was able to prove that he wasn’t a one-hit wonder like everyone had claimed in recent weeks and is able to fight against other competitors who have been with the Schmoedown for years.





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