Logan Non-Spoiler Review

Inx the year 2000, we were introduced to Hugh Jackman as the Marvel’s iconic X-Men Wolverine. Before the film came out, people were complaining that the role should not be given to an unknown actor. After the movie came out, not only did fans love the movie but also loved Hugh Jackman’s performance. He continued to play the character for 17 years, longer than the creation of the MCU or any actor who portrayed a superhero character before 2ooo.

While Jackman has done his best to keep himself in-shape to make every iteration more like the character from the comics, eventually the day would come that another actor would replace him. However, if he has to go let him go out with people praising his last movie. Some would call “Logan” the greatest comic book movie ever, but I don’t agree with statement. Perhaps it’s because we have the MCU, Warner Bros. struggling to setup their DCEU, and Fox making X-Men movies, which are mostly entertaining, don’t conlohannect as well among their competitors. I have my preconceived notions on what is classified as a “comic book movie” and “Logan” does not fit in those ideas but rather than in “drama.”

When I first heard that this was going to be Jackman’s last performance as Wolverine, rumors were going crazy at what storyline they were going with. One rumor that kept circulating was the “Old Man Logan” storyline, but Fox could not do a “faithful” adaptation since most of characters from that appeared are owned by different studios. But comic book fans will tell you that X-Men Days of Future’s Past was not like the comic book version. So, despite not being 100% faithful, “Logan” took some of the comic ideas and make their own version that gives added emotional weight to a character who has seen horrors over his lifetime.

logan3The real delight of this movie is the introduction of Laura Kinney, aka X-23. For X-Men fans, they know exactly who this character is, her tragic past, and what this means for the X-Men franchise. She was created in the animated TV show “X-Men:Evolution” in season 3 and became popular enough to be added into the comic book cannon. Now, in Jackman’s last movie as Wolverine, Laura appears to him and uncovers where she came from as they try to avoid being captured by her pursuers. This movie perfectly introduces us to the character, and I’m sure Fox executives are trying to find a way to put her into other movies. Personally, I would not mind if they put Dafne Keen as X-23 in other films regardless if the timeline doesn’t make any sense or contradicts this movie. Overall, if you have been waiting for a great Wolverine standalone movie, go see this movie and enjoy the Rated-R violence, you would not be disappointed.


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