#Schmoedown IGN vs Nerdist and Clark Wolfe vs

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Warning: This post gives commentary on the latest set of Schmoedown matches. If you have not seen the matches yet and do not like spoilers, watch the matches first than come back and read the highlights.

On Tuesdayign-vs-nerdist, we saw Team Nerdist returning with Dan Casey bringing in Racheal Heine to help him against debuting Team IGN’s Eric Goldman and Jim Vejvoda. This match proved which was better to have: experience or intelligence.

In Round One, Team IGN scored an impressive 12 points with Vejvoda answering every question correctly while the experienced Team Nerdist stumbled scoring only 6 points. Although starting off strong, IGN lost some footing in Round Two in their category “Tim Burton Movies” but recovered answering their last three questions correctly without using Multiple Choice option. Team Nerdist was able to steal a single point, but they weren’t able to avoid being knockout. At their turn spinning the wheel, they ended up on Opponent’s Choice, resulting IGN choosing “Bio Pics” as their category. Nerdist gained a single point, and IGN stole 4 additional points. The final score was 22 to 8 with IGN winning their match in Round Two. As unfortunate as Nerdists loss was, Team IGN dominated both rounds gaining 22 points. Usually that score would be a descent score in three rounds, but they did it in less than two rounds. I would have loved to see what would have happened had they gone through all three rounds.

Friday’s match was the match that everyone wscreenshot-34as waiting for. “Classy Clark Wolfe vs JTE” had been brewing for a long time. JTE once asked Wolfe to join him as his teammate but ultimately declined to join Mark Reilly as “Wolves of Steel,” and he has never let it down since. At first Mark Reilly was ready to take JTE on in a singles match after his victory over Sam Levine, but Clark wanted a chance to take JTE down before her parent.

screenshot-31What I love about the people over at Collider is that they consistently change a few things with every match whether it’s new rules or new players. This time in “The Tale of The Tape,” they had both players in front of a green scene and captured a video rather than a picture. Both of them had more attitude which made the viewing a pleasure to watch. Another thing they had was former five-time wrestling champion Booker T gave a “Keys to Victory” video, rooting for Clark Wolfe and hoping she would KO JTE in Round Two. Lastly, they changed the point-system in Round Three eliminating the 1 point question and replacing it with a 2 point question.

Wolfe led Round One with a score 5 to 3, proving that JTE might be a jerk but can hold his own against any competitor. With Wolfe in the lead, she spun the wheel landing on “Comedies,” opting out and landing on “Animated Movies.” She secured 3 points with JTE not stealing any points from her. But her fortune seemed to spun in her direction as JTE spun and landed on “Opponent’s Choice.” Being the classy woman she is, Wolfe sarcastically asking the Schmoes if he could spin again. Of course, she choose “Horror” for JTE, but he fought back answering three out of four questions right and scoring 3 points while Wolfe stole a single point from him. Round Two ended with Wolfe still in the lead with 9 to 7.

Round Three was a tennis match were JTE and Wolfe answered their 2 point and 3 point questions correctly. Wolfe still maintained a 2 point lead, but JTE needed to answer his 5 point question and pray that Wolfe couldn’t answer her last question. Unfortunately, JTE could not answer his question in “Comic Book Movies,” resulting in Clark Wolfe winning the match. However this might prove to be interesting because now Clark has to face off with her own partner Mark Reilly in the coming days. Although they are going to battle each other, I have no doubt that they won’t be aggressive towards each other, and we’ll see a great match similar to Mark Reilly’s match with Sam Levine.



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