#Schmoedown : Rotten Tomatoes vs What the Flicks Bernardin vs Scarpin

On Tuesday, we saw the return of Team Rotten Tomatoes Grae Dscreenshot-28rake & Matt Atchity and the debut of new team What The Flick with Christy Lemire & Alonso Duralde. Before the match could begin, John Campea announced two new rules to Schmoedown. 1) Each team (or contestant if in singles match) may only be allowed to repeat a question three time at any time in the game and 2) Each team (or contestant if in singles match) is allow one challenge where a contestant can challenge a ruling on a point answer. If a challenge is activated, a third judge will confer with the other judges to make a final ruling. The first round seemed to be neck and neck with both teams scoring 7 points. But in Round 2, Team Rotten Tomatoes took the lead by scoring an additional 6 points in the Action/Adventure category while What The Flick failed to steal several points. During their chance at the dreaded wheel, What The Flick landed on “Opponent’s Choice,” and Team RT choose the feared “Release Dates” category. Although Scott Manz was not in the studio, his voice carried over the internet in agony as the new team only scored 2 points in one question. Team RT managed to steal 5 points from Team WTF, ending the second round 18 to 9. Although avoiding the knockout in Round 2,  WTF failed to answer their one point question in Round 3. It was a disappointing debut for Team WTF but had they landed anything else in Round 2, tbernardin-vs-scarpinohey might have done better.

Friday introduced us to two new rookies of the season: Marc Bernardin from “Fatman on Batman” and “Kinda Funny” Nick Scarpino. Scarpino came out with five lovely ladies wearing “Producer Seducer” shirts while Bernardin confidently walked out on his own, intimidating Scarpino from the start. Bernardin pulled in the lead from the start as Scarpino struggled to keep up in Round 1. The round ended with a score of 7 to 5, showing that Bernardin didn’t need help from love ladies to assist him.

Things did not improve for Scarpino in Round 2 in the category of “Spielberg Movies.” Despite answering all his questions right, he needed to have the Multiple Choice opinion for each of them. Bernardin spun the wheel twice and both times landing on the “BioPics” category. He flexed he trivia muscles answering all his questions correct and needed Multiple Choice for only two of them. The scored at the end of Round 2 was 13 to 9 with Bernardin ahead by four points.

Scarpino answered his 1 and 3 point question correctly in Round 3, tying the game and sending it back to Bernardin. Bernardin returned the pressure back to Scarpino as he cMacuga.jpgorrectly answered his 1 point question and took the lead once again. The pressure proved too great for Scarpino as he missed his 5 point question. Three of the lovely ladies left with Bernardin while the other two just left all together, leaving Scarpino by himself until Josh “The Wild Man” Macuga asked to join with him on his new team.

Friday’s match was a great match by two new upcoming contenders, and I’m looking forward to see Macuga with a new team member like himself. In Round 2, Scarpino was guessing at most of the four questions, or what is commonly called “Macugaing,” which is why The Wild Man himself secured the rookie as his team member. Team What The Flick had a disappointing debut, but I am looking forward to see future matches where they can prove their talent.


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