Got Kids?

Chances are if you answer “yes” to my title, its a safe bet that you what your child/children to do better than you. Every parent wants the best for their children, but most are not sure how to achieve that even if it is what tcollegeboundhe child wants. Most say, “Go to college. Study something. Keep trying.” But the reality is most teenagers are unsure what they want out of life. Imagine yourself as a teenager, what were you like? Your kids are most likely feeling the same way you felt.

I remember when I was in high school junior/senior year was the time when I had to figure out what I wanted to do. What I decided to do and what I wanted to do were two different things. I went to college for accounting and, despite a few setbacks, I was really good. But when it was time to enter the real world, I was bored at my job not to mention the pay was very low. I graduated college with a Bachelor’s in Accounting without any student loans, but I was making no more than a full-time pizza delivery driver. (And yes, I was that as well.)

For the first time I saw Star Wars at age five, I wanted to write stories. Like most artists, George Lucas’s famous trilogy had inspired me. Unfortunately, no one shared my artistic creativity or nurtured it. I’m not saying my family shunned me for it, but rather did not know how nurture my creativity to discover how I might be able to turn my passion into a career. Had I discovered you could be a movie journalist where you could go to see free movies, interview movie stars, and possibly walk on the red carpet of a movie premier, I would have taken a different path.

College is expensive, I think that is something we all can agree on. That is why I could not simply just go back and get another degree. There are semester grants and scholarships available, but most students get student loans to fund most of their tuition, living arrangements, meals, and books. One way to avoid burying yourself and your children in debt is to start saving as early as possible and talking to someocollegene in the financial industry. They can help you with this task to make the financial burden easier to manage. More importantly, talk to your children about what their dreams are from time to time as early as possible. And if they say something specific in mind, lookup ways to develop their interest in it. If it is something they are willing to spend hours upon hours on, chances are that is where they should be heading.



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