Movie Trivia Schmoedown Single’s Title Match: Dan Murrell vs John Rocha

Warning: This is post gives commentary on the latest match on the Schmoedown. If you have not seen the match yet and do not like spoilers, watch it first then come back a read the play-by-play.screenshot-20

If you have been following the matches like I have, you know this was going to be a great match from the start. Dan Murrell, Heavyweight Champion of the Schmoedown, has never lost a match. John Rocha also knows his movie trivia. Even though he doesn’t have an impressive strike like Murrell, he is the No. 1 contender and isn’t to messed with. The Four Horsemen had a ruff start to the year after Rocha and Matt Knost lost their belts to Team Patriots, and Bibbinani lost to JTE. Rocha has his eyes on every belt, but can he recover The Four Horsemen’s pride with this Title Match? First we must go through the pre-game match between Drew “The Godfather”  McWeeny vs Mike “The Killer” Kalinowski.


In Round 1, McWeeny missed only one question simply because he wasn’t able to write down his answer in time. If more time was presented, he would have answered every question correctly, but he was still managed to maintain the lead with a score of 7-6.

Round 2 debuted the new wheel where McWeeny  choose to let Kalinowski spin first landing on “90’s Movies.” Thinking that it was a good category, he accepted it but ended up proving to be his downfall. McWeeny was able to steal 3 points from Kalinowski while he was able to only score three points. McWeeny had a perfect round, scoring eight points and ending Round 2 with a nine point lead, 18-9.

Kalinowski was able to avoid the knockout, but he needed to answer every three questions to tie the game. He managed to answer his 1 point and 3 point questions but failed to answer his last question. McWeeny was able to TKO Kalinowski with a fail score of 18-13.

Screenshot (26).pngEven before Round 1 of the Title Match could begin, Dangerous Dan Murrell and “The Outlaw” John Rocha start duking it out with Murrell placing the belt near Rocha’s reach. Rocha responded by saying that he was going to take it, but Murrell asked if he was going to clean it. As round one began, two contenders showed equaled strength answering the same five questions correctly and missing three questions, tying Round 1 with a score of 5-5.

Their strength continued in Round 2 where Rocha spun the new wheel and ultimately landing on “Animated Movies.” He managed to score six points but he would later regret for not choosing to take multiple choice on his third question because Murrell was able to steal two points from Rocha. Murrell had an equally great round, only missing one question which allowed Rocha to steal back an additional point. They finished Round 2 with Murrell taking the lead 13-12.

In the Betting Round, each contestant wagered two points in the category of Horror/Thriller. They each answered the question correctly. The Speed Round proved to be Rocha’s greatest moment. The Outlaw buzzed in quickly before they could be finished. He managed to receive three points but lost one when he couldn’t answer the question in time. Rocha and Murrell were tied with 16 points each.

In the fifth round, Rocha was only able to score his five point question in the category of Dramas. Dan Murrell had already answered his one point question so he had to answer his five point win the match and keep his belt. He answered his three point question with some struggle but receiving the points to his score. Murrell’s five point question was in Directors with who directed The Burbs? He answered, unsure if his answer was correct.

Kristen Harloff shouts that the winner Screenshot (27).pngand . . . new champion is John Rocha and Bibbinani rushed over to hug Rocha. In the end, both contestants exchange a hearty handshake and hug each other, giving each other the respect they deserve. In the final interview with Dan Murrell, he was insulted that no one from the Lion’s Den came to support him despite stating otherwise. He further announced that he was dropping out of the Lion’s Den saying they lost their “Alpha [Lion].” The final score was 21-20 with John Rocha taking the belt with sites on the Patriots to reclaim the Team Belt. It was an awesome match, one of the greatest matches I’ve seen, with the Finstock and Macuga match next to it.


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