Movie Trivia Schmoedown: Team’s Title Match

Warning: This is post gives commentary on the latest match on the Schmoedown. If you have not seen the match yet and do not like spoilers, watch it first then come back a read the play-by-play.

From left to right: Jeff Sneider, JTE, Jason Inman, Scott Mantz

I have been a fan of Movie Talk since the AMC days, but I never heard of the Schmoe’s or their movie trivia game until they moved to Collider and merged them both. After many months, I grew to love every match and testing my trivia knowledge against each contestant, seeing if I could be a worthy opponent. While able to hold my own in each match, I feel what others feel when watching other game shows like “The Price is Right” and “Wheel of Fortune.” I’m happy just to sit back and play along with the show.

Anyway, its starts off with Team Patriots outside, briefly talking to their former manager Finstock. For those of you who are unaware, on Feb 3, 2017, Finstock was banned from all Schmoedown involvement after being defeated by Josh Macuga in a retirement match. Although Kristen Harloff assured us fans that Finstock has been banned, it did not stop him from simply wishing Team Patriots good-luck.

After both teams had taken their seats, Round 1 began with both teams being awarded one point each on the first question. At first it seem both teams were evenly matched, but Jason Inman faulted answering only two other questions correctly while Scott Manz was able to score five points. Team Patriots was able to score an additional nine points, taking a two point lead, 10-8.

In Round 2 each team member may confer with each other and with Team Patriots defending their title, JTE spun the dreaded wheel landing on “Sports movies.” They choose to spin again and took the category “70’s movies.” They were able to score seven points, answering three questions without multiple choice and one with multiple choice. Team Trek stole two questions and were awarded two points, which gave them the boost they needed to stay in the game.

Jason Inman spun twice for Team Trek, resulting in them taking “Comedies” as their category. They seemed to struggle with this category because they needed multiple choice on all but one question. However, they answered each question right, tying the game with 17-17. Both teams in Round 3, or “the Betting Round,” answered correctly in the category “Action/Adventure”, but Team Patriots betted the max amount allowed, 3 pts., letting them take the lead 20-19.

In the “Speed Round,” everyone was asked five questions in different categories. The first person to buzz in would be allowed to answer. If you answer the question right, the team would be awarded one point. A wrong answer would cost a team one point. Team Patriots walked away with three points while Team Trek answer one question correctly and another incorrectly. This resulted in Team Patriots advancing their score further to 23-19.

Although behind, Team Trek was able to make it to Round 5 without being knocked out by Team Patriots. Jason Inman went first, answering their one point question incorrectly, but Scott “The Captain” Manz answered his three point question correctly. The five point Screenshot (8).pngquestion proved to be a bit tricky for them both despite the category being Fantasy/Sci-Fi.  “What George Lucas movie was the source of inspiration to the 2005 movie, The Island?” While most people would have answered “Star Wars,” Team Trek answered “TXL-1138” and were awarded five point, giving them a final score of 27 and taking the lead for the first time in the match.

Team Patriots was down four points and needed to answer their five point question to win the match. They started out strong, correctly answering both the one and three point questions, but both members were stumped when their final question was asked. Round 5 ended in a tie sending the teams into sudden death. Each contestant waited patiently as Mark Ellis asked the first qualifying question. Although Jeff Snieder was quick to the buzzer and answered the question correctly, Team Patriots did not score the winning question. They reset and prepared for a second sudden death question. This time JTE took a gaScreenshot (2).pngmbit and correctly answered the second qualifying question without Ellis finishing it, giving them a second chance to score. Harloff asked them who directed “Cutthroat Island.” JTE confidently gave Jeff Sneider the correct answer, resulting them in winning the match.

This is the first time a team has successfully defended the Team’s Champion Belt. Each team held their own leading to two Sudden Death Rounds. I strongly recommend this series to every movie fan out there. Kristen Harloff has posted the upcoming matches, but the one I’m waiting for is this Friday February 17, 2017: a pre-game match between Mcweeny and Kalinowski and the main fight: John Rocha vs Dan Murrell for the Champion Belt. I will be watching with a hot pizza, a cold two-liter of coke, and my notepad as I watch Friday’s match.c4pidwvvuaaq2x9


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