Weekend Box Office for February 13, 2017

lego-batmanThis is a win for Warner Bros. “The Lego Batman Movie” was No. 1 at the Box Office this weekend. It made $55.6 million on its opening week. I have done a review on my blog, so be sure to check it out for further details. It is great for everyone who is a Batman fan with fun Easter eggs that will keep you entertained and jokes that will make you laugh.

“Fifty Shades Darker,” the sequel to “Fifty Shades of Grey,” came in at No. 2 this weekend with $40 million. Universal Studios might not be happy with that number since the first one brought in over $90 million in 2015. However, w50ith a modest budget of $55 million, it will bring in a profit. I personally am not in this films demographic and will not see it on Valentine’s Day, but I’m sure lots of couples are going to see it this Tuesday.

Coming in No. 3 is the last of the new movies opening this weekend “John Wick: Chapter 2.” The sequel to the surprise hit “John Wick” made over $30 million, beating its projected amount of $25 million. I have not seen the movie yet, but what I am hearing is encouraging. It continues John’s journey through the assassin world with great action that reminds us of the action movies of the 80’s and 90’s. If you have not seen either movie, I strongly recommend that you take the time to view them. You will not be disappointed.

In fourth place is “Split” with $9 million in its fourth week, adding to its domestic total of $112 million. And rounding out the top 5 is “Hidden Figures” making $8 million, bringing its domestic total to $131.5 million after eight weeks.



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