The Lego Batman Movie

In the lego-batmanmore recent years, movie studios are trying to bring multiple main characters together in a single “shared universe.” Having not read any comic books growing up, I’m not sure of every plotline or character developments within them. However with Marvel/Disney creating the MCU, superheroes have become cash cows generating billions of dollars. Other studios are currently following their trend, hoping to generate truck loads of money.

One company that has been struggling to have success is Marvel’s all time rival, DC at Warner Bros. Although news continues show their struggle, Lego Batman is a delightful experience. The director Chris McKay and six writers clearly know their “Batman knowledge” making references from the Adam West 1960’s TV series to “Suicide Squad”. It continues the high-paced action from “The Lego Movie” which may lead you lose a few jokes upon your first viewing. But even if you miss some jokes, more would follow shortly leaving you giggling if you know your Batman knowledge.

Regardless of what your opinion is on how they’re handling their properties, Warner Bros. has a good movie in “The Lego Batman Movie.” It’s fun for the child in all of us, and if “The Lego Ninjago Movie” proves to be as funny as Batman, Warner Bros. has created a spoof version of the “shared universe genre.” I give it a “7.5/10 stars” for lots of laughs, great action, and a heartfelt story that appeals to every Batman fan.



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